about france pocket guide

Hello lovely reader and welcome to France Pocket Guide!

If you’ve clicked on this ‘about’ page, it’s fair to assume you want to learn a bit more about me so let’s get started!

My name is Pauline and I am a French woman in her late 20s (dangerously close to that 30th birthday!).

I grew up in France, in a small village located at the border between the Lot and Cantal.

I spent my entire childhood there before moving to Toulouse for a few years and then Australia before settling down in the UK. This is how I learnt to speak English and why I’m capable of writing all these articles for you!

While I do not live in France anymore, I still go there very often and explore my own country much more than I ever did before.

I love the French culture and I want to help you to understand more about France but also the French themselves!

Rue Noire in Collonges La Rouge