7 Best Beaches in Menton, France

Are you looking for the best beaches in Menton, France? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This French Riviera town is effervescently colourful and cultural.

Menton is also home to some incredible and picturesque beaches with stunning backdrops. 

Menton has some of the clearest waters around and the beaches are known for being clean and pristine. There are public and private beach clubs, sandy beaches, and pebbly ones too. 

Menton’s subtropical climate makes these beaches accessible year-round. Explore the vibrant town, then check out some or all these 7 best beaches in Menton. 

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best beaches in menton

Plage du Casino

Plage du Casino or Casino Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Menton, particularly among locals.

This beach is mostly pebbles with only a few sandy parts. You may be wondering about the name. Well, this beach is named after Casino Barrière from which the beach spans. 

You’ll find this beach towards Roqueburne Cap Martin right near the Biovès Gardens.

It’s easy to find, from the Biovès Gardens you simply walk to Carnot Avenue and then take a right where you will see the entrance to the beach. 

Along the road behind the beach there are places to park, though its best to head there early if you want to guarantee a spot.

This is a dog-friendly beach, with your four-legged friends being allowed on a designated section of the beach.

There’s also a lifeguard on duty during the summer months of July and August. 

The beach sits on a popular street so there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and places to buy ice cream. 

Plage de Fossan

Plage de Fossan is conveniently located next to Menton’s old town, along Quai Gènéral Leclerc de Hautecloque.

To reach the beach simply head to Prom du Soleil towards Musée Jean Cocteau. This strikingly modern museum sits right behind the beach. 

This beach is just 500 metres long but is charming and free to the public. The beach is made up with a mixture of sand and pebbles and has some beautifully clear waters to splash around in. 

A great thing about this beach is it’s a non-smoking beach. Because of this many families opt to head to Plage de Fossan.

There are shower and toilet facilities, as well as secure yellow boxes to keep your belongings in whilst you are swimming.

You can park right along the promenade so it’s not far to reach the beach. 

This beach is perfect for families and solo travellers. The handy yellow belongings boxes are super handy for those visiting the beach alone. 

Plage Sablettes

Another of the best beaches in Menton is Plage Sablettes. This beach sits in a small bay beneath the Basilica of Saint Michael Archangel.

Before we get to the beach, you must check out the basilica whilst you’re in town, it’s one of the best things to do in Menton.

From the Basilica head along the Quai Bonaparte away from downtown for just 250m and you’ll find the beach.

This is a great beach if you are visiting with family. It’s a sheltered and calm beach with shallow waters that make swimming safe. Plus, the compact sand is perfect for sandcastle building!

The beach has a play area for kids and there is also a workout space. If you are looking for a place to park there is a large underground carpark just behind the beach.

If you are in search of food and drinks there are a plethora of restaurants and cafes along Quai Bonaparte, just a short walk away.

Plage du Borrigo

Plage du Borrigo is like Casino Beach. The first part of the beach is covered in pebbles and then there are sandy sections too. 

Borrigo is the most westerly beach in Menton and is situated right after the casino. This is a popular beach among locals so has a relaxed vibe to it. 

At the back of the beach there are showers to get rid of any unwanted sand. There is also a lot of parking spots right near the beach and toilet facilities too. 

This beautiful beach has very clear waters making it a popular swimming spot. If you find yourself getting peckish after some time in the water, there is a beach restaurant serving food and drinks.

During the summer months a lifeguard mans the beach. 

Though the beach is not wide if you head there early, you’ll find a good spot to set up for the day. Whether you are sunbathing or swimming this is one of the best beaches in Menton. 

Plage Rondelli

Plage Rondelli is situated on a shallow cove. This sandy beach is a beautiful Menton beach. Calm waters and a lifeguard make this a family-friendly beach.

Plage Rondelli is known for attracting the younger crowd so there is a buzzing and lively atmosphere around the beach.   

You’ll find this beach right before Port Garavan in the direction of the Italian border. 

There are a couple of shops and restaurants located along the promenade connecting Sablettes and Rondelli. There are also small food and drink stalls right on the beach. 

If you are travelling with your four-legged friend, you’ll be pleased to know that dogs are allowed on the beach. This is a rarity as not many beaches between Menton and Monaco are dog friendly.  

Plage Hawaii

Hawaii Beach is just a kilometre from the Italian border, it’s the last beach in France.

Owing to its close proximity to the road, and its location, this is perhaps one of the least frequented beaches in Menton. But that’s not to say it’s not worth a visit.

If you are searching for a quiet spot away from the sunbathers and holiday makers this is a brilliant beach. 

Because this is a quieter beach, dogs are also allowed. You can also fish right on the beach, and you’ll find many anglers there throughout the day.

There are shower facilities at the beach too, so you can rinse off the sea water and get ready before exploring more of Menton. 

The beach is covered in pebbles and is super narrow, so you are never too far from the water. Lifeguards man the beach during the peak summer season. 

Plage Hawaii is located just after the Port de Menton Garavan.

There are a couple of restaurants and shops within walking distance from Plage Hawaii, but the dining options are not so plentiful compared to other Menton beaches. It’s best to pick up food in town and prepare a picnic to eat at Plage Hawaii. 

Plage pour les chiens

Cast your mind back to French class at school and you may just remember that “chiens” means dogs! The last of these best beaches in Menton is Plage pour les chiens, which translates to ‘beach for dogs’. 

If you are visiting Menton with a dog, then this is the beach for you. It’s also suitable for those who just like petting other people’s dogs when at the beach (come on you know who you are)!

There are not many beaches in Menton that allow dogs so this one is very popular among dog owners. 

This beach is in-between Port Garavan and Plage Hawaii close to the Italian border. There are numerous free parking spaces along the road that you can use. 

This isn’t just a beach for the dogs, there are stunning views of the hills of Italy and Menton for you to enjoy too.  

Enjoy running on the beach with your four-legged friend or how about a swim in the sea?

After you’ve exhausted your dog, or they’ve exhausted you, there are shower facilities to clean off.

There are a few small shops to grab some snacks and drinks along the main road, but its best to come prepared as this is one of the furthest beaches from downtown Menton.

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