10 Best Beaches in Saint Tropez, France

Saint Tropez is one of the coolest coastal towns on the French Riviera.

Chances are if you are visiting Saint Tropez you are going to want to check out some of the amazing beaches this town has to offer. 

Many of the best beaches in Saint Tropez have been made famous by the celebrities and socialites that frequent them.

But these Saint Tropez beaches aren’t just for the rich and famous, holiday makers and locals both enjoy their sandy shores and epic views. 

Check out these 10 best beaches in Saint Tropez for the glitz, glamour, and your next relaxing beach day. 

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best beaches in saint tropez

Plage de Pampelonne

It seems only right to start with one of Saint Tropez’s most famous beaches. If you want that real Saint Tropez beach experience this is the place to be. 

This large bay is split up into several different beaches all going by different names.

This stunning sandy beach is a fantastic location to get out your towel, lather on the sunscreen and bask in the Saint Tropez heat.   

The beach has showers, toilets, and changing facilities. Behind the beach there are a plethora of restaurants, bars, and beach clubs.

A few of the popular places are Nikki Beach, Le Club 55 and Moorea Beach Club for something a bit higher end. 

This is one of Saint Tropez’s only dog friendly beaches. Enjoy a walk on the hot sand and a splash around in the water with your four-legged friend.

But be sure to keep your dog on a lead whilst on the beach and pick up after them. 

From Saint Tropez town centre, you want to head along Chem de Sainte-Anne and then onto the D93.

You can park right near the beach where there are plenty of spaces.  

Plage de la Bouillabaisse

This Saint Tropez beach is located at the entrance to the commune.

There is a free car park right near the beach, perfect for parking all day.

This beach is not only attractive, but it boasts spectacular views of the rest of the bay. With the enticing Mediterranean waters, you’ll find it hard to drive past this beach. 

The beach is lined with restaurants and shops so there are plenty of places to stop for food in the middle of your beach day.

Compared to some of the other beach clubs the atmosphere at Plage de la Bouillabaisse is more low-key and relaxed.

This is a great beach to take the kids to, whilst you kick back and enjoy a cocktail. 

You aren’t allowed to bring dogs to this beach so if you want to go for a walk, you should try Plage de Pampelonne.

This beach is equipped with showers, toilets and a first aid station. Lifeguards man the beach from mid-June to mid-September.

Plage de la Glaye

Unlike some of the other beaches in Saint Tropez, Plage de la Glaye is one of three beaches that is situated in the town itself.

Despite being given the title of ‘Saint Tropez beaches’ many of them are in fact located a couple of kilometres away from the town.  

Plage de la Glaye is a tiny shale and stony beach that sits right in front of the old town. It’s right between two old fortresses.

Tour Portalet is a notable Saint Tropez landmark and dates to the 15th century.

After you’ve visited Plage de la Glaye, head to this defence tower on the pier for a bit of history and some great views. 

This beach may be small but it’s a cute spot.

Despite being right in Saint Tropez it’s a real hidden gem.

Whilst many opt to go to the luxurious white sand beaches known for their beach clubs and celebrity visits, people forget about this beach.  

Though amenities are lacking at the actual beach, in just a couple of minutes you can be at some of the independent shops, restaurants, and cafes in the heart of the old town.

It’s also ideally located if you want to visit some of the town’s other attractions. 

Plage de Tahiti

Plage de Tahiti is situated at the northeast end of the same bay where you’ll find Pampelonne Beach.

This is another of those Saint Tropez beaches that’s not actually in the town.

Head out of town along the Rte Belle Isnarde then along the Rte de Tahiti. There is ample parking at the beach.

If you are searching for a beautiful beach with an authentic beach club experience, check out Plage de Tahiti. 

The oldest beach club in Saint Tropez, the Tahiti Beach Hotel, which was established in 1946, is a popular place to relax and enjoy the sun.

Not only does the beach club provide all the necessary facilities (toilets and showers) but you can also enjoy great food and cocktails.  

Walk along the soft white sand beach, and when the sun gets too hot, take a refreshing dip in the crystal blue waters. Bask in the sun on comfy beach chairs whilst ordering a couple of cocktails. 

Plage des Graniers

Plage des Graniers is right next to the Citadel of Saint Tropez.

This quiet and wild cove is a beautiful area to relax without the luxury and crowds that other Saint Tropez beaches attract. 

It’s a small sandy beach with a couple of villas dotted along the coast.

It’s so quiet that there’s only one restaurant in the vicinity. This beach has both a public and private side.

To reach the beach you’ll want to head to the exit of Saint Tropez and follow the Chemin des Graniers. The entrance to the beach is found right after the marine cemetery.

There’s a small car park with disabled parking available. 

Enjoy the wild and rocky landscape of Plage des Graniers. Be sure to bring all you need for a day at the beach.

Whether you are swimming or relaxing on the beach this is a conveniently located and beautiful beach to enjoy.

Plage de la Moutte

This really is one of the hidden gems of Saint Tropez. This is also one of the remotest beaches in the area making it a fantastic secret. Shush don’t tell anyone!

To reach the beach you must pass the private residence at the end of the path named Chemin des Treilles de la Moutte.

Once you’ve parked, you’ll need to take the path that leads behind the fence. You’ll find signposts showing you the direction to the beach. 

Because it’s a little tricky to reach, it’s best to come prepared.

Make sure you bring all the things you’ll need for a good time at the beach, including lots of water because there are no facilities at the beach. 

It should also be observed that this is a clothing optional beach, so you might find one or two naked beachgoers. 

Once you’ve reached the beach, you’ll find it’s a beautiful place to relax on the fine sand. 

Plage des Salins

Plage des Salins has fast become one of the most popular and best beaches in Saint Tropez. Both locals and tourists are attracted by the soft white sand and turquoise waters. 

One of the most dominant features of this beach are the vibrant blue umbrellas which fill a section of the beach right to the water’s edge. 

There are some nice restaurants in the area perfect for eating at after a long day of sunbathing and swimming. 

This beach is far less crowded than the popular Pampelonne beach, providing much needed reprieve from the tourists.

This beach is around seven kilometres from Saint Tropez’s old town.

You can take one of two roads to reach this beach. Head down the route des Salins where you’ll find free parking at the end of the road.

You’ll then need to walk around 50 metres where you’ll arrive at the southern end of the beach.

Alternatively, you can take the parc de la Moutte which leads to another car park.

From there it’s just a five-minute walk where you’ll find yourself at the north end of the beach. 

Plage des Canoubiers

Just over two kilometres outside of Saint Tropez, along Chem des Salins you’ll find Plage des Canoubiers.

This 200-metre-long stretch of soft sand is a fantastic place to relax and take in the views. You can park at the free parking just behind the beach. 

One of the best things about this beach is there is some much-needed shade.

Natural umbrella pine trees line the back of the beach, the perfect escape from the strong Saint Tropez sun. 

If you are looking to participate in some watersport, then you’ve got to check out the sailing centre that’s at the end of Chemin des Canoubiers. 

There are also toilet and shower facilities as well as a lifeguard on duty during the summer season. 

Plage de la Ponche

Plage de la Ponche is a beach fronting the oldest part of Saint Tropez.

You can access this beach right from the heart of the town.

Head along Bd Vasserot and take a left on Avenue Foch and then a right past the Chapelle de la Miséricorde.

Follow the road taking in the sites of the old town, past La Ponche Hôtel and you’ll soon arrive at the beach. 

Plage de la Ponche is a really small horseshoe-shaped beach, but the sleepy old town atmosphere really makes this a lovely place.

On a clear day the waters can be ridiculously clear, they’ll be luring you in for a swim in no time. After you’ve relaxed on the sand head along the coastal path to explore the citadel and harbor. 

With the old town behind the beach, there are all the facilities you’ll need.

After exploring Saint Tropez this is the best place to cool off and relax before you continue ticking off your list of the things to do in Saint Tropez.

Plage de Caserne

This is another of the best beaches in Saint Tropez which is also secluded. You won’t find much more of a peaceful spot along the French Riviera than this beach. 

You can only access the beach along a cute little coastal path.

You better come prepared to visit Plage de Caserne, because there is nothing but the golden sand of this crescent beach.

The beach is tucked between two rocky outlets. Come prepared with lots of water, food, towels and above else a form of shade. 

At the south point of the beach is Pointe de la Bonne Terrasse where you will find expansive and spectacular views. 

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